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U.S. Apple Export Council – Strategic Planning in DC

March 22nd, 2017 by Dan Block

This past January DWB worked with the US Apple Export Council to develop a strategic plan for exporting US apples worldwide. The Council members include the apple producing states of Virginia, New York, Michigan, and California.

We met in Washington DC, just two days after the inauguration of President Trump, to work on the plan. I was not sure what to expect in DC at that time. But, things were business as usual. Everybody has a job and bills to pay.

The Council is responsible for distributing Market Access Promotional (MAP) funds from the USDA that stimulate exports of US agricultural production.  Council staff did a great job preparing for our meeting and we had excellent data on the status of apple exports worldwide. US apples are known for their quality and it was a privilege to help US farmers get those apples out to consumers in SE Asia, Europe, Central America and even Israel.

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