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Shanghai Floral Expo – The Growing China Market

May 25th, 2017 by Dan Block











One never ceases to be impressed with the growth and changes going on in Shanghai, China.  I first visited Shanghai roughly 25 years ago when the Pu Dong area was still mostly farms. Today Pu Dong seems like endless towers and unique buildings with high speed trains weaving in and out of urban clusters.

I just returned from the Floral Expo there.  We are working on developing export markets for US floral products in the East Asia region. I greatly enjoyed sharing floral ideas with florists and designers from the the major coastal cities of China. The Chinese consumers are increasing their use of flowers and appreciate good quality products from all over the world. Ecuador had a large presence at the show with their selections of colorful cut flowers and plants. Even though there many regions of the world producing beautiful flowers and plants, I was especially impressed with unique varieties and quality of the floral products coming out of Japan – awesome flowers that caught the Chinese attention. No matter what the language or culture natural beauty is a thing that brings us all together.

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