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Export & Import Planning

Most of the agricultural economy and the global food system relies on international trade for survival.  The use of locally produced foods is increasing and the development of regional models of food self-sufficiency is gaining renewed interest.  Nevertheless, the fact still remains that farm inputs, food, fiber and even environmental landscaping products need to cross state, provincial and national borders for most agricultural companies to be viable.

Our firm understands the complexities of importing and exporting agribusiness products worldwide.  Our consultants have first hand experience moving both value-added products and bulk commodities in and out of most regions of the world including Asia, South and Central America, Europe, and the Middle East.  Although freight forwarders and transportation companies can provide important services to be successful in the long term, an agribusiness needs a comprehensive international export or import plan. 

We understand that exporting and importing is not just about finding a customer or a source. It's about getting your products to the destination on time, in good condition, and getting paid.

D.W. Block Associates, LLC

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