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Feasibility Studies & Start-up Planning

In today's highly competitive and global agribusiness market place launching an agricultural venture successfully is a challenging undertaking.  Assembling a team of qualified people, conducting market research, securing capital and financing, and developing a solid business plan to guide the entire effort are all major projects by themselves.  We deliver usable results in these key areas of both the feasibility study and the start-up plan for the venture.

Our involvement in all segments of agriculture — from farm inputs, production, post-harvest processing to logistics, and end user marketing — keeps us in touch with current developments and long-term trends shaping the business. Harnessing this experience in the development of your plan will help you achieve the essential differential advantages you will need for your new business over the long term.

Projects Include:

  • Regulatory, technical, and financial feasibility studies
  • Market potential research
  • Potential competitor analysis
  • Business plan development
  • Marketing planning
  • Personnel development and training
  • Capitalization and financing strategy

D.W. Block Associates, LLC

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