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Market Intelligence

One of the characteristics of agriculture today is that end user needs and demands are constantly changing. To survive in this environment, agricultural companies and commodity trade organizations need to be constantly alert to those changes through a robust program of market intelligence.

Our firm provides this intelligence through both secondary and primary research methodologies. We are capable of scanning the global marketplace for any current information about existing or potential customers. Additionally, we develop primary research tools to answer specific questions about our clients' customers that have never been asked.

Much time and money can be wasted in market research that will never be used. Therefore, our starting point in all our market intelligence projects is to clearly understand the objectives of the research. Based on those objectives, we can go forward and develop a research plan that targets the precise market intelligence needs of our clients. They can then use the intelligence for making sound strategic marketing decisions.

Projects Include:

Review of existing (secondary) research on:

  • Customer needs
  • Buying behaviors
  • Distributor and dealer trends and behaviors
  • Market demand
  • Demographic shifts
  • Economic forecasts

Primary research:

  • Online surveys
  • Phone surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Personal interviews

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