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Marketing Planning

We believe that everything an agribusiness or agricultural organization does is fundamentally about marketing — meeting customers' needs.  As Harvard's Theodore Levitt has said, "There can be no corporate strategy that is not in some fundamental fashion a marketing strategy..."

Developing a solid marketing plan that is based on good market intelligence and an understanding of what customers want and how they buy is a core capability of D.W. Block Associates.  Our team of consultants and researchers has developed scores of successful marketing plans for agricultural companies and organizations worldwide.

We work closely with our clients using their internal resources and expertise as well as external secondary sources to develop an understandable and practical market situation analysis.  Based on that market intelligence we then design strategies that include all areas of the traditional marketing mix of product development, promotion, pricing and distribution.  D.W. Block Associates goes further by incorporating our own model of marketing planning that focuses on additional factors that will insure the marketing objectives of our clients are achieved.

Once the plan is complete we then work with our clients in the successful implementation of the marketing plan and the ongoing adjustments and market changes to which all good plans must respond.

D.W. Block Associates, LLC

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