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Sustainability Planning

Those involved in agricultural production have long understood the importance of nurturing and sustaining the natural resources that make farming possible. The opportunity for enhancing sustainable practices that yield tangible benefits is growing.  We understand these emerging opportunities and are capable of guiding clients in the development of sustainable programs and practices that can return measurable results.

These opportunities and benefits can come from additional revenues from marketing and differentiation efforts; in other cases, they will come from regulatory mandates or requirements from business partners in the food system and distribution channel.

Why a Sustainability Plan Now?

Recognizing the impact of changes in government policies, regulations, or business partner practices can be instrumental in attaining a sustainable competitive advantage. Benefits of developing a proactive sustainability strategy include:

  • Participating in defining sustainability, instead of having those decisions made by others
  • Communicating corporate values to stakeholders
  • Mitigating compliance costs

The move toward sustainability is moving quickly and having an understanding of the options will be important. A strategic focus on sustainability will allow you to shape your business environment and anticipate change.

Sustainable Planning Offerings

  • Impact analysis of private sector sustainability issues on the agricultural industry
  • Scanning of legislative and regulatory initiatives relating to sustainable business practices
  • Incorporation of sustainability goals into the strategic planning process
  • Feasibility studies of sustainability initiatives
  • Assistance with developing sources of funding from the private and public sectors

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