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Why Choose D.W. Block Associates?

Experience and Understanding of Agriculture

We understand the unique challenges that agricultural companies face. Our first-hand experience has included working with farm input manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, service providers, and trade associations of livestock feed ingredients, vegetable and field seeds, fertilizer and soil amendments, farm equipment, horticultural supplies, irrigation, finance, specialized computer software, and transportation. Clients in agricultural production have included producers of fresh fruits and vegetables, processed foods, livestock and poultry, dairy products, floral and landscape plants, grain, fiber, forage, and oilseed crops.

Experience and Understanding of Global Markets

The agribusiness economy today is global. The principal consultant and associates have years of successful management and consulting experience dealing with agribusiness projects in many regions of the world. We understand the importance of the cultural factors, trade and finance regulations, infrastructure and distribution constraints, and the political economic issues that impact the success of an international agribusiness venture.

Active Listening - Clear and Focused Solutions

We value the ability to listen to our clients in order to clearly identify their challenges and opportunities. Through active listening we filter out the noise and distractions that often obscure the essential strategies and solutions that will achieve our clients' objectives. Whether presenting a training workshop, strategic plan, or during one-on-one executive coaching, we continually strive to keep our guidance and solutions simple, clear, and focused.

Practical Solutions Now

Agribusiness firms today need solutions that are both practical and timely. Our Meat & Potatoes® approach recognizes that our clients need useable solutions now that fit their organization, can be implemented without major disruptions to their business, and deliver tangible results.

D.W. Block Associates, LLC

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